History Of Bardoli

The Bardoli Muslim Welfare Society was established in the year 1957 by our pioneers elders who left their family in Bardoli and migrated to the U.K. We the second, third, and fourth generation are humbly grateful to our pioneer elders for their dedication and vision in establishing BMWS to have their bond with all individuals and families coming to U.K from Bardoli, and keep their link with their town and country of their birth.The BMWS is now by the grace of the Almighty a well established organisation, actively involved in many charitable projects.

Over the years since its birth, BMWS as a organisation played key parts in many project in Bardoli, to name a few; Jummah masjid (extension and renovation) Aqsa masjid (construction) Madressa High School (construction & establishment). The Muslim Welfare Society Bardoli organised Jamnaba Sarvajik Hospital (BMWS initiated project, construction, establishment, organisation) plus many more charitable projects we finance every year with generous donations from our members and non-members.

We would also like to offer our U.K students with financial loans to support their education further. BMWS is also looking to organise more activities within the U.K, for this we need yours and especially the young generations support and active involvement. Your suggestions are most welcome. Please donate generously to help those in need.